When We Talk About 'Good Leather', We Are Talking About What

When We Talk About 'Good Leather', We Are Talking About What

When new leather lovers are just starting out, it is often recommended to practice with vegetable tanned leather.

Vegetable tanned leather, also known as "tree plaster leather", is hard, thick, and highly workable. Bed treatment, trimming, sealing, shaping, dyeing, stitching... And so on and so forth, the new can master the leather process by doing vegetable tanned leather goods.

However, the effectiveness of the practice actually depends on the choice of vegetable tanned leather. For example, if the edge is not sealed well, sometimes it is not necessarily the wrong method.

The problem may also lie with the leather.

The problem with the leather, I have also stepped on it.

Tried it once with a piece of vegetable tanned leather that I bought back from the market. Very nice haze blue, very heartwarming.

Try to make a Cambridge bag. Halfway through: the leather is too soft, completely shapeless; the fiber is too loose, resulting in the inability to seal the edge, and even the internal fiber black, too affect the beauty and mood. So abandoned ...

It was a waste of an entire weekend, but a lesson was certainly learned.

So much so that by now, I personally very adhere to a philosophy is In terms of leather, there is absolutely no compromise.

When it comes to good vegetable tanned leather, the ones that are well known in the industry are Japanese Tochigi, Cordova horse rump leather, Italian Vegetable Tanning Association's various vegetable tanned leathers and so on. If you have been in the leather circle for a while, you may have heard of them.

However, the disadvantage of the leather is just one word: expensive.

"Expensive is good" sounds helpless at some times.

But whenever there is an affordable Italian Buttero in front of us, we will not hesitate to choose it.

It just so happens that there is such an affordable vegetable tanned leather that we can finally confidently recommend to everyone after our own use, and the affirmation of its friends who have bought it many times.

Wuta™ French Bull Vegetable Tanned Leather, New Upgrade

After visiting many leather processing factories and communicating with the core makers, we finally launched this vegetable tanned leather after countless times of board making, sample testing and color mixing...it took us more than 1 year to launch this vegetable tanned leather.

After visiting many leather factories, countless times of board making, sample testing and color mixing...it took more than 1 year, we finally launched this vegetable tanned leather.

From the beginning of its intention to make its own leather, WUTA™ decided to make a leather that would be affordable and leathery for most people to consume.

So iteration after iteration, from waxed leather, to water-dyed leather/mist-waxed leather, and then to French Bull, we think we have reached the height of satisfaction.

For ourselves, this is a big event of great historical monumental significance, but also a subversion of the leathers sold without it in the past, and would even be a subversion of the entire handmade leather goods leather market.


This will definitely be the most cost-effective leather you have ever used.

High Standard Of Embryo Selection - French Bull Embryo

Luxury brands are undoubtedly picky about their choice of leather.

The hide germ is the basic factor that determines the properties of the hide. Cattle grow in France, where the temperature is pleasant all year round and the temperature difference is not too great, need thicker fur to protect them from the cold, thus the hides will also form a thicker dermal layer after processing. Also because of the moderate temperature, the sweat glands of cattle are smaller and the pores are more delicate than those of cattle in near-equatorial regions; at the same time, there are fewer mosquito bites and the hides are of better quality.

Compared to adult cows, bulls even belly position to fiber are tight, belly utilization is also relatively higher.

Time And Effort For A Better Product

The entire leather-making process of bull vegetable tanning: tanning and drying, dyeing and greasing, surface polishing, and finally shaping, each step is repeatedly tested and calibrated.

The process of raw hide tanning needs to control its tightness, too much grease will affect the cross tightness of the fibers and the hide will become flabby. We dry the hides after tanning, then add tannin and grease when dyeing in the water drum, and finally dry and replenish the grease again.

There are several more steps than ordinary leather factory, and the time spent naturally increases exponentially. But the leather is more satisfying.

The right amount of animal fat and extracts are tanned into the leather, which makes the whole leather very comfortable in terms of softness and stiffness. The leather does not burst when squeezed vigorously and remains flat after spreading.

This is basically impossible with some vegetable tanned leathers that have a thicker coating on the surface, which creases or bursts when squeezed.

The surface polishing treatment makes the leather surface emit a slight luster, looking very soft and comfortable. It makes people naturally feel: the ideal leather surface should look like this.

Simply wetting the leather edge with water and sanding the stick back and forth a few times, it can be completely thrown until smooth. Even let people can not tell whether it is water sealing edge or sealing liquid sealing edge to achieve the effect. Ultimately, it is still the skin nature of the decision.

The effect of broken chipping and drumming brings out the best of the leather texture, which is amazing.

Whether we are making large bags or small leather goods, the final texture that we present is unattainable by many leathers of the same price.


Finally, this article, on the one hand, wants to tell you our choice of leather, in the way of insisting on good products, we have been insisting on.

On the other hand, it is to hope that you will step less in the choice of leather, and try to use less bad leather to spoil their enthusiasm and confidence.

May you and I are the same, all can take a detour less.

Remember to buy!

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