[DIY basic techniques] the use of leather cutter you mastered?

[DIY basic techniques] the use of leather cutter you mastered?

To cut the leather more accurately, you need a leather cutter for cutting leather. To make leather products smoothly, the way to use the leather cutter is one of the essential techniques. Once you have mastered the skills of using the cutter, you will find that the cutter will be better than a hobby knife, and you can even freely change the curve on the leather.

Super hard white steel cutting knife, also known as no it Xuan Yue knife, hardness beyond the impact drill, sharpness lasting, once open edge, the edge angle is only 10 degrees. 4 layers of hard tree paste a total of 6mm a knife break, cut the skin such as cutting paper, cutting edge sharp and neat.

How to hold a skinning knife

Do not raise your elbow, only bend your wrist and hold the handle, this is easier to apply force and increase stability, please straighten your thumb to hold the handle.

Put all fingers other than the thumb on the handle and hold the handle with the feeling of finger movement, so that it will not shake to the sides and can maintain the stability of the cutter.

Function of the skin cutter

Leather cutting knives can be used for leather cutting, trimming and cutting. And leather cutting is one of the more common functions of leather cutting knives

Here is a demonstration of the more commonly used leather cutting

Preparation tools: awl, pattern paper grid, leather

First use an awl to position on the leather according to the pattern

Use the awl to set the position on the leather, and then use the leather knife to cut according to the positioned line

Cut out the parts with a leather knife along the mark drawn by the pattern

At the corner, it is recommended to tilt the leather knife up, and it is easier to turn with the tip of the knife

Finished leather

Maintenance of leather knife

Proper maintenance of the leather knife can make your leather knife more durable. Next, I will introduce some small methods and precautions about the maintenance of the leather knife:

  1. When not in use for a long time, it is recommended to store with oil
  2.  Grinding with multi-mesh fine knife stone
  3. When placing, do not continue to press the blade
  4. Develop a habit. When placing the knife in the gap between operations, the knife edge should face away from people to avoid accidental injury.


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