What Thread For Sewing Leather - WUTA Thread

What Thread For Sewing Leather - WUTA Thread

Sewing thread is a fine thread or yarn made from various materials that is used to sew or join fabrics together. It plays a vital role in sewing as it provides strength and durability to the seams.

Waxed thread is widely used in handmade leather crafts to stitch leather items, which not only gives the piece a sturdy connection, but also adds a unique aesthetic. Waxed thread is a type of thread made from cotton or polyester thread waxed around a fine rope core, which is waxed to give it waterproof and abrasion-resistant properties. Waxed threads are generally stronger than regular threads and are suitable for stitching a variety of handmade leather goods.


A:Durability: Waxed thread is specially treated to have strong wear resistance and durability, suitable for long-term use of leather products, such as wallets, handbags and so on.

B:Waterproof: Due to the waterproof property of waxed thread, the leather products made can keep firm stitching and not easy to come loose in wet environment.

C:Decorative effect: Waxed threads are usually made of contrasting colors or threads with similar hues to the leather, which can be used as decorative elements to add unique details and aesthetics to the work.

2.Choosing a waxing thread

A:Material: waxing threads are mainly categorized into two materials: cotton thread and polyester thread. Cotton thread waxing thread has a natural grain and texture and is suitable for vintage or natural style leather products; polyester thread waxing thread is more durable and stable and is suitable for projects that require strength and durability.

B:Thread Diameter: The thread diameter of waxing thread varies from project to project. Coarser thread diameters are suitable for large or heavy leather items, while thinner thread diameters are suitable for fine work or detailed parts.

C:Color: Depending on the style and needs of the piece, choose a color that matches or contrasts with the leather. The right color combination can enhance the overall effect of the piece.

3.WUTA Thread

WUTA Thread is commonly used for leatherworking, hand stitching, and other crafts. They provide strong and reliable stitching results.

Crafted from 100% polyester, this waxed thread offers smooth sewing with minimal knotting. Its three-thread twisted construction ensures strength and stability, making it resistant to scattering. Ideal for leather sewing and various projects, WUTA waxed sewing thread guarantees high quality and durability. With a range of 28 vibrant colors featuring high color saturation, we have made every effort to accurately represent them, although there may be slight variations due to monitor settings.

4.Use of waxed threads

A:Pre-treatment: Before using the waxed thread, you can improve the softness and smoothness of the thread by gently straightening the thread and then gently rubbing the thread with your fingers or a cloth so that the wax is evenly distributed on the thread.

B:Suture technique: Use proper suture needles and waxed thread to master the correct suture technique. During the sewing process, keep the thread taut to ensure a firm and beautiful connection between the thread and the leather.

C:Post-treatment: After finishing the stitching, you can use a hot air gun or waxing thread heater to gently heat the stitching area to melt the wax on the thread and further enhance the adhesion between the thread and the leather.

Waxing thread is one of the essential tools for handmade leather artisans, which not only plays a key role in the production process, but also enhances the texture and beauty of the work. Choosing the right waxing thread material, thread size and color, and mastering the correct technique of using it will help create outstanding handmade leather works.

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