How to make  leather Tool Pouch?

How to make leather Tool Pouch?

Whether it is Carving chisels, Files, screwdrivers or Wrenches, A leather tool pouch is a great way to store then for quick use and clean storage. For any Hand tool Woodworker, this is something that has come across your mind. The simple fact is this Leatherworking project is a simple and easy way to store your woodworking tools.

Makes using stamping tools very convenient, helps protect them and very useful for traveling.

Supplies Needed


Waxed Thread:


Leather Tool Pouch Tutorial

  • Cut Leather

  • Use an sewing awl to mark your pattern.  Pockets can be any width and placed anywhere you want.If you want the roll to hold a bunch of artist's brushes or spatulas, just make the bag a little narrower.Cut the leather with a sharp utility knife.

  • Glue the bottom edge of the tool pounch, stopping 1" short of the end. Place the bottom piece of leather (the wider one) along the edge and hammer it together with your rubber mallet. Let dry.

  • Place your hole punch over the rivet marks and punch out the holes.

  • secure with a rivet

  • Secure and Finish

Make one for yourself. Make one for your buddy. Make one for everyone you know.




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