Olong Leather Punch - Slot Hole Punches - Bag Punches

Olong Leather Punch - Slot Hole Punches - Bag Punches

Sometimes referred to as slot hole punches, or bag punches, leather oblong hole punches are one of many helpful tools in leatherwork for beginner hobbyists and professional leathercraft artisans alike.

Belt hole puncher tools are essential for crafters looking to attach buckles to straps and create beautiful dog collar, belts and bridle work.

Varieties of Leather Oblong Punches

Massive punch for easy creation of oval holes in leather, to accommodate the prong of a buckle. Extra sharp, with a long handle for a secure and comfortable grip. Available in 5 sizes.

This heavy duty oblong hole punch is of a good quality. Very nicely made with a comfortable handle, and it makes nice smooth clean hole punches everytime! I definitely recommend this product to anyone who works with leather and needs a good oblong hole punch for their belt straps.
Internal punch features an inside taper for clearance,The punches are heat treated forged steel, ensuring long lasting performance,Because of this heat treatment, the cutting edge will stay sharper longer.

Economy slot punches are a great and affordable option for hobbyists or those who are just beginning to dabble in leatherwork.

They have an open side which allows the leather wads to fall out automatically and saves you the hassle of having to remove them.

Sturdy work surface for slotted punches

When using oblong leather punch, it's important to have a solid work surface such as a solid table, workbench or even a tree stump so you don't bounce around.Hole punch for leather, rubber, canvas, plastic, sheet metal, gasket material, cardboard and softer metals

Strike tool selection for oblong hole leather punch

When striking the rectangular hole punch, we recommend using a rawhide, wood, or poly headed heavy mallet, hammer, or sledgehammer to secure the end of the metal bag punch. We do not approve of using a metal hammer on your metal slot punch. Overtime using metal on metal can cause burrs on the ends of leather tools.

Leathercraft Tutorial Video Overview on Slot Punch Tools

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