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10Pcs New Heavy Duty Metal O Rings Round Jump Ring | WUTA

10Pcs New Heavy Duty Metal O Rings Round Jump Ring | WUTA

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Practical Material: Made of high-strength thick zinc alloy, good quality.

Sufficient Strength: No welding, no gaps, strong enough for bag making, pet supplies and other items that need to bear weight.

Mirror polishing: Mirror polishing is carried out before electroplating, so that the metal and the electroplating layer can be better combined, durable and not easy to fade.

Professional electroplating: good scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and anti-rust effect. After electroplating, a secondary anti-rust treatment is carried out.

Classic colors: Gold and silver are more versatile and can be applied to handbag belts, belt buckles, backpacks, collars, luggage straps, camera bag accessories, etc. 
Name: O Rings
Material: Thick Zinc alloy
Color: Golden and Silver 
Size (inner width):  3 size for choose,  19.7mm(0.77"),24.5mm(0.96),30mm(1.18").
Package:  10 pcs O Rings

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