Horse Bridle Leather Strap Belt Strip from Wuta Leather

Horse Bridle Leather Strap Belt Strip from Wuta Leather

Harness leather has long been one of the materials used to make high quality leather products and Wuta Leather, a brand dedicated to providing top quality leather, has brought us a beautiful harness leather belt. In this blog article, we'll delve into the appeal of this belt and the process of making it.

Wuta Leather's harness leather straps are not only impressive in terms of material and design, but they also utilize a special process called translucent dyeing to enhance their texture and durability.

Penetration dyeing is a sophisticated dyeing process that differs from traditional coating or surface dyeing methods. In this process, the dye is penetrated into the fibers of the leather instead of just being applied to the surface. This deep penetration ensures that the dye does not easily fade or flake off, so the color of the belt remains vibrant and consistent.

Richness of color

Penetration dyeing process allows harness leather straps to come in a wide range of colors. You can choose from a wide range of colors, from classic black and brown to more individual dark blue, dark red or a variety of other fashionable colors. Whether your style is classic or avant-garde, there is a color for you.

Resistance to abrasion

Due to the deep penetration of the penetration dyeing, the dye bonds very firmly to the leather. This makes the belt less likely to show signs of wear, fading or fraying. Even after extended use, your belts will retain their excellent appearance and color, which is a major advantage of the translucent dyeing process.

Maintenance and Care

Penetration dyeing belts are relatively easy to care for. Typically, all you need to do is wipe them down with a clean, damp cloth and use a leather care product regularly to maintain their appearance and texture. A belt with this process doesn't require much special care, but a few simple steps can ensure its longevity and beauty.

Selection of materials

The toughest cowhide back and rump bits are used as the raw material for this belt. Leather from these areas is usually stronger as they are subjected to heavy loads from harnesses and saddles, making them ideal for making high quality belts.

Our Leather Factory soaks the leather in vegetable tannins for days to restore its elasticity.This process helps to make the leather softer while maintaining its sturdiness. Vegetable tannin is a natural leather treatment that adds durability and texture to the leather.

To add water resistance and durability to the leather, Wuta Leather adds beeswax tallow and hoof oil to the process. These ingredients help maintain the texture of the leather while increasing its resistance to water and everyday wear and tear.

This belt has a very high density and tightness. This allows it to stand the test of time and maintain its beauty and durability. Whether you wear it everyday or use it for special occasions, this belt will excel.

Wax treatment

This treatment process usually consists of applying a wax or wax material to the surface of the leather, which is then heated to allow it to penetrate the leather fibers. This treatment makes the surface of the leather smooth and at the same time creates a protective layer inside.

Due to the fusion of wax, bridle leather is not only not afraid of water, but also has good water resistance.

Bridle leather is a traditional leather that is perfect for a wide variety of uses - These heavy leather straps come in handy when repairing handles, giving your home a face lift with new cabinet pulls or handles, tack repair, saddle making, hand crafting leather jewelry or other high-end accessories, making handbags and purses, hair accessories, cuff bracelets, rustic shelving, pet collars, thick dog leashes, equestrian tack, belts, hanging accessories and outdoor gear.

If you are looking for a quality belt, consider this beautiful harness leather belt that will be a treasured addition to your leather collection.


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