How to Edge Paint Leather

How to Edge Paint Leather

How to Edge Paint Leather

Edge painting is one skill in leather crafting that is a definite test of will. There are no shortcuts to getting perfect results. It takes time, patience, and a good deal of sanding.

Quality edge paint is also “re-heatable”. In other words, it will melt when sufficient heat is applied to it, enabling you to smooth it out and bumps and ridges.

The following is our recommended method to achieve perfect results:

1.gesture (or action)

Use a wool bat to top the oil.

During operation, the wool bat needs to lean against the edge of the leather to hang the edge oil on the edge of the leather by scraping.

And the hand holding the leather needs to cooperate with the hand holding the wool bat to rotate.

2. Burnish

The edge of the leather needs to be sanded to a perfectly flat level. Finally, finish the leather edge of the oil edge so that there will be no potholes. In order to get it smooth, it usually requires countless times of sanding, which is the test of time and patience.

3.last oil

The so-called water-based edge oil can be diluted with water.

When the edge oil is applied for the last time after the leather edge is smoothed, it only increases the color and luster of the leather edge, and the edge oil should be as thin as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to dilute the edge oil with water, and apply the edge oil to the edge of the leather with a sponge. No more sanding.

The final oil edge effect is as shown below🔻

Practical skills:

Will accidentally apply edge oil to the leather surface. Don't panic in this situation.

Gently wipe off the edge oil on the leather surface with a gauze or cotton cloth dipped in alcohol. However, it should be noted that alcohol has certain damage to the leather, so special attention should be paid when choosing the alcohol concentration and wiping strength.

The oil edge method is suitable for some softer leather edge treatment, and the treatment of leather edge will also affect the perfection of the whole work. A good oil edge effect is enough to make people pleasing to the eye:

Every skill needs to be honed.

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