How to use the Revolving Hole Punch

How to use the Revolving Hole Punch

An ill-fitting belt is never a good look, which is why this revolving hole punch from WUTA Tools is such a handy tool to have in your collection. With just a couple of quick punches from this tool you can have your new leather belt or existing favorite prepared and ready for daily use.

Thanks to the quality materials that are used in the construction of this hole punch -The durable punch plier is made of high carbon steel that is high hardness, good toughness and durable. The surface of metal deal with spray lacquer process to avoid oxidation. The brass pad adopts the thickness design to guarantee on safety.  - you can expect it to make quick work of even high-quality leather belts.

1.Best to mark

You want to place the holes in your belt one inch apart from each other to maintain even spacing. While this is the standard for most belts, feel free to deviate from that standard if you wish. However, it is important that you choose a spacing for your holes and then stick to it throughout your work. Use a ruler to mark the location of each hole, making sure to mark it on the back so that if by chance there are any mistakes, your markings will not be visible.

2.Choosing the right size

You will find six different sizes to choose from when punching the most popular sizes on the premium rotary punch offered by WUTA.

The best thing to do at this point is to look at your belt and estimate the size of the claw. The pins will need to go through the holes you punch, so these holes must be at least a little larger than the diameter of the pins.

If you're not sure what size is right, it's best to start small and work your way up. You can easily move up to a thicker punch to make a larger hole, but you cannot move backwards to make the hole smaller again. Start with a small margin of error and then gradually move up until you are satisfied with the hole you have created.

3.Punching Holes

After you make a plan and choose a size, you can go ahead and knock out those holes. The great thing about the rotary punch is that it basically does all the work for you. This professional hole punching pliers from WUTA features a double lever mechanism with sharp blades that will save you a lot of power. It's very easy to use, requires very little pressure to get through your thick belts, and the holes are easy to punch and very clean and smooth. Before squeezing the handle, make sure you have placed the hole punch in exactly the right position. Move slowly at first and let the force of the tool take over as you squeeze steadily. In just a few seconds, you will create a very clean hole and you can move on to the next one. Once you get the hang of this task, punching holes in a belt is a job that can be done from start to finish in just a few minutes.

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