How difficult is it to make a big bag? Thirty steps to teach you to make a shoulder bag

How difficult is it to make a big bag? Thirty steps to teach you to make a shoulder bag

Whether it's because you have made too many small items, wallets and card bags, and occasionally want to challenge higher difficulty; or because you no longer want to bump into bags on the street, but just want to have a unique small backpack, in short, the common goal of everyone is: to become bigger Bag. There are always friends who are just getting started and ask: WUTA, I want to start with making big bags, do you think it will work?

Today I will teach you how to make a shoulder bag. It is more to let everyone have an understanding, which can be regarded as a foreshadowing for advancing to high difficulty.

bag making

Due to space limitations, the introduction of a certain process in the tutorial will not be too detailed, such as leather surface antifouling treatment, bed surface treatment, gluing, beating, stitching, etc.

The tutorial focuses more on the process - how each individual leather product is connected, interspersed, and fixed into one. If you don't understand something, you can discuss it separately in private messages, and welcome to put forward various opinions.

Production details:

1. First, antifouling treatment is carried out on the original color bark skin. In the example, knight leather sheen—a multi-functional and powerful color fixing agent is used. It is often used for antifouling and color fixing on leather surface.

2. Treat the surface of each leather product as needed, and use non-other bed surface treatment agent in the example;

3. Edge banding treatment, for single-layer leather that does not need to be bonded;

4. Mark the position of each part with an awl as shown in the acrylic pattern/positioning grid;

5. Punch holes with a round punch, and suture the middle of the inner sling;

6. Round punching and punching, and suture the upper position;

7. The inner panel is completed;

8. After bonding the skin with glue, cut the sutures;

9. Dig an oval hole on the front skin; first use a round punch to dig both ends;

10. Afterwards, use a straight cut to chisel the two sides

11. The oval hole is completed; if there is no straight cut, you can hold a leather knife/utility knife and use a ruler to assist in cutting the two sides;

12. Position and punch holes for the front "Meson" position and Meson;

13. Insert the first and last ends of the "Meson" skin into the front oval hole, and suture;

14. The production of the front panel is completed;

15. Shoulder strap processing: the method is the same as that of the belt, first position and use a round punch to punch holes;

16. Apply glue to the folding position of the short shoulder strap;

17. Go through the Japanese buckle, fold it back, and sew it up.

18. Perforate the bottom skin according to the layout/positioning grid;

19. Pass one end of the short shoulder strap through the front of the bottom leather;

20. Punch and sew as required;

21. The long shoulder straps are also passed through the bottom skin and sewed;

22. Apply glue to the bottom skin and the edge of the front skin, and wait for the fit;

23. Fix the edge of the bottom first, and use a rubber hammer to hammer the bonding position firmly;

24. Then fix the whole skin

25. You must be patient during the bonding process to ensure that the glue is bonded securely and ironed without leaving any dead ends;

26. After gluing, use an oblique flat diamond cutter to punch holes. No matter how the bag is placed, it must be ensured that the leather surface is level when punching. The cutting process is not easy, you must find a way to adjust at any time, and you must be patient when the production reaches the final stage. It is more convenient to switch to silent diamond pliers.

27. Suture

28. The other skin is treated in the same way, so I won’t repeat it;

29. Final edge banding treatment;

30. Complete the production.

It seems difficult to make some relatively large leather goods, but in fact, as long as you figure out how such a shoulder bag is combined from each small leather item, you can operate it with ease. Therefore, when the craftsmanship is perfected, it is a matter of course to realize the production of large-scale leather goods.

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