Wing Divider: Essential Tool for Leathercraft Precision

Wing Divider: Essential Tool for Leathercraft Precision

Are you struggling to get your stitching lines 100% straight or wondering how you can enhance the look of your leather borders with a bit more detail? Then, the wing divider is the tool you are looking for and could be used for just such tasks.

A wing divider is a tool used in leathercraft that consists of 2 “legs” with sharp needle points at the end of each leg. There is a screw for tightening or loosening the mechanism in order to change the spacing between the legs. It is used for making crease lines in your leather and you can also use it to measure spacings as well as drawing circles.

Functions and uses of a wing divider

The Wing Divider is a versatile tool with a variety of functions and uses in different fields, including woodworking, metalworking, leatherworking and other precision crafts. The following are its main functions and uses:

Measuring and marking: The wing divider is primarily used to measure and mark precise distances on the workpiece. It enables accurate layout and marking of lines, curves, circles and patterns.

Division and layout: Wing separator can be used to divide lines or circles into equal parts. It helps to create equally spaced marks or divisions, which is important for dividing boards for joining or dividing circles for layout.

Transferring measurements: Wing dividers can be used to transfer measurements from one workpiece to another. By adjusting the distance on the wing divider, the same measurement can be marked on another piece, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Scribing and scoring: The sharp point or hardened tip of the wing separator can be used to score or scoring on different materials. This is useful for creating cut lines, guiding saws or knives, and making precise dents or guide lines.

Layout and design: The wing separator is great for creating or reproducing specific designs, patterns or templates. It enables precise layout and positioning for shaping shapes, lines and angles, helping the artisan achieve consistent and symmetrical designs.

Alternative to circular gauges: In the absence of circular gauges, the Wing Divider can be used as an alternative tool for drawing arcs and circles. By adjusting the distance between the legs, the desired radius of an arc or circle can be achieved.

Precise adjustment: Wing dividers are usually equipped with adjustable screws or mechanisms that allow for precise spacing adjustments. This makes them very suitable for tasks requiring high precision and fine adjustment, such as layout work, fine details and precision craftsmanship.

Difference between a wing and a spring divider?

Structural design: Wing dividers usually consist of two moveable legs, each with a sharp point for measuring and marking. The spring divider, on the other hand, uses a spring mechanism that enables the legs to be tensioned and adjusted by the tension of the spring.

Adjustment method: The adjustment of the spacing between the legs of the wing divider is usually achieved by screws or nuts, and the user can change the spacing by turning the screws or nuts. And the spacing adjustment between the legs of the spring divider is achieved by compressing or releasing the spring, and the user can change the spacing by squeezing or releasing the legs.

Feeling of use: Because of the spring mechanism, spring dividers are usually easier to adjust and control than wing dividers when operating. The springs provide recovery force, allowing the legs to remain open automatically, reducing the user's force and effort.

How to use and wing divider?

Adjust the spacing: Adjust the spacing between the two legs by rotating the screw or nut on the wing divider. Make the spacing larger or smaller as needed to meet specific measurement, marking or layout requirements.

Position the measuring point: Position the two legs of the wing divider in the position where the measurement or marking is required, ensuring that the sharp point is in accurate contact with the workpiece.

Stabilize and fix: Keep the central part of the wing divider stable by pressing lightly with your fingers so that it does not move or slide accidentally.

Measure and mark: Move the sharp point along the workpiece as needed to measure or mark the desired distance or position. You can draw straight lines, divide areas, mark points, plot curves, etc.

Ensure accuracy: When measuring or marking with the wing divider, ensure a steady hand and keep the relative position of the workpiece and wing divider constant. This helps to obtain accurate measurement results and precise marking positions.

Cleaning and maintenance: Clean the wing separator promptly after use to ensure that there is no residue or dirt on its sharp points. If needed, a small amount of rust inhibitor can be applied to the contact points of the legs to keep them in good working condition.

How to sharpen your wing divider?

If you have purchased a good steel wing divider then you should not need to sharpen the points too often. If you do need to sharpen it then use some fine grit sandpaper and drag that along the edge. A leather strop can also be used with some jewellers rouge scrubbed onto the strop. Rub the points of your divider onto the leather strop until you get a sharp point. Your wing divider should last you a long time if you care for it properly.

You can buy your wing and spring dividers from WUTA leather. They are also available on Shopify online store and range in price from about $13 to $24. Prices vary depending on the quality and size of the divider you are purchasing.

Today, we would like to introduce to you the latest 304 stainless steel wing separator from our store. Made of high quality 304 stainless steel, this product offers excellent durability and high precision spacing adjustment. In this article, we will introduce its features and uses in detail to help you better understand the value of this tool.

304 Stainless Steel Wing Divider | WUTA

✨ Made of high quality 304 stainless steel, the cost is 3 times more expensive than iron, carbon steel. The round legs fine polished, smooth surface, durable and rustproof, with an extremely long service life.

✨ High precision spacing adjustment. The grab handle and spiral rod are of high-precision anti-skid design, which are composed of many fine small parts. It can adjust the spacing between 0.1-85 mm, meet your high-precision process requirements.

✨ Fulcrum stud is hardened. Bearing surfaces of the legs are large enough to prevent side deflection

✨ Round legs and solid nut,feature hardened points for precise marking of the work piece, an adjusting screw has a self-seating washer and nut to permit quick and positive adjustment.

To sum up

The Wing Divider is a very useful tool to help you perform a variety of different tasks in your leather work. It is a tool worth investing in because of its numerous features and benefits. I hope you find this article useful and good luck with your leather work projects!

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