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Leather Craft Chisel French Style Pricking Iron | WUTA

Leather Craft Chisel French Style Pricking Iron | WUTA

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WUTA NEW Leather Die-steel Chisel Original design!

Package:Pack according to your choice(1 pcs or one set 2 pcs, Pls choose from the color option)


Material:DC53 Cold-work Die Steel

DC53 Cold-work Die Steel, specially applied in punch mold making. This chisel is strong in hardness with high tenacity and great anti-rust property. We adopt this kind of steel to make sure our chisel is in the best quality, meanwhile, it can indeed "serve" better in your craft projects.

Type:Obverse and reverse direction

Chisels are with obverse prongs or reverse prongs. When you look down the holes punched by obverse chisel, from left to right the hole goes“up”. Holes punched by reverse chisel, from left to right, it goes“down”. This is to meet the higher need in punching and stitching. Furthermore, with this two kinds of direction you can punch hole on both sides of a leather.

Sizes:Prongs are in 9.8 mm length, this sharp punch can easily go through thickness 4.5mm or 11oz leather. (5.0mm or 12.5 oz theoretically).

Model 7 (3.85mm prong-spacing), with 2 standards, one with 2 prongs, the other with 8 prongs.Prong width:2.4mm.

Model 8 (3.38mm prong-spacing),with 2 standards, one with 2 prongs, the other with 8 prongs.Prong width:2.2mm.

Model 9 (3.0mm prong-spacing),with 2 standards, one with 2 prongs, the other with 5 prongs.Prong width:1.8mm.

Model 10(2.7mm prong-spacing),with 2 standards, one with 2 prongs, the other with 5 prongs.Prong width:1.6mm.

1 prongs-S:fit for Model 9 and Model 10.bothobverse direction and reverse directionare common.

1 prongs-M: fit for Model 7 and Model 8 .bothobverse direction and reverse directionare common.

Dimensions:Overall length:116mm, Handle width:13mm, Handle thickness:8.2mm, Prong length:9.8mm ,Prong lip thickness: 0.2mm.

Process:Entirely polished, from handle to prongs helps you to pull our a leather easier. Gorgeous design and handy shape. The stitching hole shape is almost the same perfect as Blanchard.


We had been working hard on building a high quality leather chisel since the first day we established WUTA. Our chisels were sent to different leather craft studios to be tested by various craft masters. Mostly we received positive feedback. After overcoming all these difficulty, our original design chisel now officially presents in the peoplersquos eyes.

Why choose our chisel? Herersquos a few reasons.

1-------Multiple standards: 4 models, each one with 2 kinds of prongs,and the 1 prongs have S and L size.
Model 7 (3.85mm prong-spacing), Model 8 (3.38mm prong-spacing),Model 9 (3.0mmprong-spacing) ,Model10(2.7mmprong-spacing),
each size with 2 standards,Model 7/Model 8with 2 prongs and 8 prongs.Model 9/Model 10with 2 prongs and 5 prongs.
We offer the obverse direction and reverse direction of the prongs.
2-------High quality material: DC53 Cold-work Die Steel.
3-------Original and practical design. Can go through up to 11 oz leather. Overall polished, works perfectly in your stitching projects.


Use Notice:

1.Because the sharp and thin tip,please don't overexert when punch,please use a soft things like leather to protect it ,

it maybe damage if you use on the hard object such as cutting mat,especially in winter.

2.To extend the serve life of French style chisel,we don't recommend to punch more than 3mm thick leather directly.

when you punch more than 3mm thick leather ,please punch separately with obverse and reverse direction.

and please straight pull out ,don't pry to both sides.thanks.

3.DC53 Cold-work Die Steel is great anti-rust property.but it don't mean it will no rust at all. we suggest to  apply a

little anti-rust oil when you don't use it for a long time.

About WUTA: We committed to provide high quality tools to leather craft people worldwide.Also our sources come all around the world. International Shipping is available.

Welcome wholesale !

Welcome to drop any questions to us, thank you for looking!

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