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Professional Knife Sharpener 1000/3000 Grit | WUTA

Professional Knife Sharpener 1000/3000 Grit | WUTA

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Name: Knife Sharpening Stone
Material: white corundum
Weight: 800g
Specifications: 18cm*6cm*3cm
Function:Used for round edge bevelers,falt edge bevelers,wide edges,cutting and grinding of leather knives

Package Included

1 Piece Dual Sided Whetstone (Including 3 Pieces Silicone Base)

If choose Sharpening Stone Kit,we will ship out more 1 Piece Flattening Stone


1.Advanced white corundum material: not all whetstones are the same. We only import and purchase high-quality materials for manufacturing sharp pebble whetstones, which will provide excellent cutting performance.

2.Multi-purpose: Our professional grade whetstone is very durable.In addition to being used for polishing leather tools, you can also grind any blade! Including kitchen knives, outdoor props polishing, etc.

3.1000/3000 double-sided is available:Grit 1000# is used for sharpening knife blade.Grit 3000# is used for polishing knife blade. Use it ,you can polish the tool to a mirror effect.

4.Flattening Stone is used for correcting the whetstone. When the surface of the whetstone is uneven and smudged, it can be smoothed with this 300 mesh whetstone.

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