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WUTA Rotating Cutting Mat Leather Tools

WUTA Rotating Cutting Mat Leather Tools

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Made Of The New Material PVC, We Don't Use The Old Recycled PVC

Why we use the new PVC materials?

If use the old recycled materials, the cost is several times lower, but there are many small metal debris left in the old recycled materials, which is easy to cause tool damage when you cut. Moreover, the old recycled materials release more harmful substances, thus damaging health.

Using new materials can protect your tools and is more beneficial to human health.

Rotating Cutting Mat


Condition: 100% Brand New and High Quality
Material: New material high-density PVC
Color: as the picture show


【Manual Rotary Cutting】Arcs/Curves/Multi-angle Rotary cuttingenables users to work without turning around,allowing multi-angle usage by rotating the mat for precise,smooth cuts without displacement.

【With Self-healing Ability】High-density PVC material that automatically"heals' normal usage scratches.
Note: The pad requires 'rest' to gradually heal;please avoid frequent cutting at the same spot on the pad.

layer structure, the hard blade-resistantcore make this a high-quality,durable product.
The hard core in the middle makes the mat firm and hard,adjusts the thickness of the buffering healing layer and anti-penetration sandwich layerprotects the cutting teeth and blade, has no rebound, and saves effort, good stability,the key is that heavy-duty operation is not easy to break.

Upgraded Eco-friendlyPVC Material,odorlessCrafted from Grade A PVC,our mats are eco-conscious, emitting no odors.


Great for sewing, quilting, scrapbooking sculptingschool projects, and more.


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