Is It Too Late To Make Wide Shovels?

Is It Too Late To Make Wide Shovels?

More than once friends complained to me that it is too difficult to shovel thin...
It's really hard to thin the skin.

In the production of handmade leather goods, different parts of the leather require different thicknesses, for example, vegetable tanned leather for large bags needs more than 2.5mm on the large side, and about 1.4mm for small cards, etc.

Although you can directly buy the whole sheet of leather with fixed thickness.

But some of the positions require special slanting, shoveling thin, etc., so that no shoveling machine skin friends very head bald...

As the saying goes.

Good choice of tools, shoveling thin no worries.

The thinning knife and wide spatula are just the right solution to this problem.

Experienced players usually use a wide spatula and a thinning knife together to achieve different thinning purposes more quickly and efficiently.

The long skin side of the soft skin should be cut diagonally, and the thin knife is more in line, and the wide spatula is second.

However, for broken cuts and large areas of thinning,Wide shovel can be more straightforward a cut off.No need for multiple beveling and flattening like a thinning knife.

In comparison, the use of a wide spatula is much more flexible than a thinning knife, and requires less skill from the user.

If the wallet allows, of course, all want.

But when you can only choose one of the two, I would recommend the wide shovel.

WUTA LEATHER over the past few years, we have made several versions of wide shovels one after another. But the samples that came out always failed to achieve the desired effect.

The difficulty of production is: (also applies to determine whether the wide shovel is good enough)

  • The thickness of the edge - including the bottom, leaning against the thickness of the leather surface determines the entry of the skin, cutting smoothly or not. Sharp and thin enough edge, is the key. Before playing the board out of the bottom thickness of 0.5mm, not very satisfied.
  • Slotting - cheap wide shovel profile resembles a trapezoid, the thicker the slot towards the handle, and when used many times, it gets thicker and thicker until it is simply unusable.
  • Blade opening - wide shovel is a single-sided edge, flat grinding to open the edge, although saving time, but the lack of angle changes. Fixed edge angle, the direction is limited, easy to shovel the skin. Grinding area is large, time-consuming sharpening. Including the "very fine open edge" without edges, can not avoid this problem.

We know that only by solving these three problems can we make a wide shovel that is good enough.

The machining process of the tool is closely related to the cost, and this time we intend to let go of the budget and make an ultimate wide shovel.

Cutterhead | Process

CNC engraving and slotting,ensure the flat and smooth surface of the groove, and ensure the constant and consistent thickness.

The bottom of the groove is 0.35mm parallel thickness, smooth into the skin, shovel skin resistance is small. There will be no problem of thicker and thicker later.

Hand polished clams are excellent for cutting and holding. There is no machine that can replace the process, and it requires a high level of skill from the blade cutter. The Japanese katana is a hand-polished clamshell blade.

The clam blade is curved, and the curve is not like the straight edge of a flat grind, where the point is connected to the point in a straight line with countless variations. Compared with flat grinding, the clamshell edge is more compatible with the wide shovel. Even if you use the wrong force occasionally, you will not break the surface of the shovel.

Together with the 20° angle, the thinning knife is easy to control, even if the first time on a wide spatula, you can make the thinning of the skin to maintain a consistent thickness. The clam blade is equally convenient for sanding at a later stage. After use, swing a few knives, and next time you can play easily and happily.

These two points alone multiply and multiply the production costs, but in return for improved performance.

Whether it is a large surface to cut thin, or break cutting, diagonal cutting, etc., can be easily competent, and soft skin hard skin are applicable.

But this is not enough.

Wide Shovel | Material Selection


The teardrop-shaped curved ebony handle fits the curvature of the palm, and when held in the hand, the bottom of the handle is supported in the palm, and the force is applied in a straight line extremely smoothly.The wood properties of rosewood also provide a comfortable grip and the natural wood grain gives a pleasing look and feel.

Polished DC53 steel blade, controlled heat treatment hardness of HRC60 or so, balanced hardness and toughness, bring better recovery, a little dullness only need to swing the knife a few times will be able to restore sharpness. Even if the shovel with coarse and hard fibers of the skin appeared small gap, general swing knife can be repaired.

National standard H62 brass hoop, long-term use does not rust, keep durable and durable.

6mm and 8mm two specifications, left and right hand universal.

Can meet a variety of thinning needs.

6mm: the best cutting width for bevel cutting of jamming lap, or drumming, to make the edge of leather goods more three-dimensional.

8mm: on the basis of 6mm, increase the width, while more suitable for large area thinning.

Good things, and never afraid of late.

WUTA LEATHER™ brand wide shovel will continue to maintain the real and high quality. If you still lack a handy thinning tool, this is it!


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