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Professinal Leather Craft Edge Polishing Wax Firm Mill Edge Wax | WUTA

Professinal Leather Craft Edge Polishing Wax Firm Mill Edge Wax | WUTA

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1 PCS WUTA Professional leather polishing wax

Package includes:1 x leather polishing wax

when you order 1 set (total 3pcs), we will ship to you 1 pcs each color,total 3 pcs.


  • Size App: (L) 88mm * (W) 30mm * (D) 12mm

  • Weight: 26g

  • Material: Solid vegetable wax

  • Color: 3 size available, yellow . blown . black


1. Made of Solid vegetable wax, Italian raw materials, Chinese casting.

2. From Italy's century-old shoe chemical factory, hard solid wax with vegetable wax as the main component, the first choice when Goodyear shoes polishing.

3. It is firm,the quality of the material is exquisite,purified, no adulterated,no bubbles.

4. It is deal with the edge polish of vegetable tanned leather goods.

5. Please note that the used effect will different when the vegetable tanned leather or usage method different. When the vegetable tanned leather is high fiber density,the effect will be better.


1.Use edge beveler to shape out a semicircle.

2.Smear WUTA edge finish with a cotton swab.

3.Polish the leather edge with 220 grit sandpaper.

4.Then smear WUTA edge finish with a cotton swab again.

5.Polish the leather edge with 800 grit sandpaper and smear WUTA edge finish with a cotton swab again.

6.Firm wax is applied to the edges when the leather edge dry,and you need to rubbing many times.

7. Melted on with the flat-headed iron, to seal and waterproof them.

8.A rag with wax already on it is also rubbed along the edges, the friction of which melts its wax onto the surface.

Note: This wax, as the transport process, please know that there maybe some small flaws,scratches, but it doesn't affect the use.

Bulk Price:5 piece or more per color,10%off

Welcome wholesale ! Welcome to drop any questions to us, thank you for looking!

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