Tools of Leathercraft That Transformed My Life

Tools of Leathercraft That Transformed My Life

Over the past ten years, WUTA has gradually accumulated a large number of tools in its journey of leather craftsmanship. Sometimes, I even doubt whether I can count them. Many of these tools have proven invaluable in making your work faster and more efficient.

When I first embarked on my leather crafting journey, I had no idea what tools I would actually need. I've scoured the internet for tons of information, participated in countless forums, and everyone has their own opinion on what a beginner's studio should have. Fortunately, we had the resources to set up a great work environment right from the start. Over the years, we have continued to add to our arsenal of tools as needs arise.

Some tools are basic necessities, and over time we find ourselves gravitating toward more specialized versions. There are also tools that were initially considered unnecessary but later proved to be indispensable.

Over the years, I've developed a deep love for certain tools. Some have become my trusty companions, always at hand, while others sit on my workbench, waiting to be called upon the next day. I chose to share my five favorite leather crafting tools, and honestly, I could easily list many more. Ranking them is a challenging task, but these guys are truly the MVPs of my shop!

1.revolving leather punch

On this topic, I've been wondering whether to talk about revolving leather punch or punch units. While punching kits are an absolute lifesaver for my hands, I prefer the rotary punch because it allows me to punch without a sturdy workbench, rubber mat/cutting board, or mallet. This little guy can be used almost anywhere. Frankly, I even take them with me on backcountry camping trips. I keep them in my travel bag so that I can reduce the number of tools I need to carry with me when I want to complete a project. I love how portable it is and can work almost anywhere.

Besides, who wants to be around to talk to you or watch TV while you pound metal with a hammer? These rotary punches are sharp, tough, and versatile! Each punch head is removable and replaceable. Unlike some other models that only have metal handles, this rotary punch comes with a rubber grip. This will definitely help protect your hands!

2.Nylon Hammers

We initially chose this basic nylon hammer because in the initial stages, we needed to control costs and didn't have much extra budget for market research. But it turned out that this hammer exceeded our expectations. It packs an incredible punch! Its heft and balance are impressive. Every time I pick up this mallet, I can feel how solid it feels in my hand.

The most satisfying part is its durability. No matter how frequently it is used, this nylon hammer is virtually impervious to damage. It seemed undaunted by the hours of work, and each thrust was as powerful as the first. This is very satisfying to us because it proves that even on a tight budget, we can still rely on this tool to get the job done. This nylon hammer is not only satisfying but also provides solid support for our work.

3.Hand Sewing Awl 

This sewing awl has been my trusty companion for many years, making my work much easier and enjoyable.

What sets this sewing awl apart is its design. Its handle is crafted from sturdy ebony hardwood, with exquisite grain patterns that shimmer in the sunlight. At the core of the awl lies a solid brass ferrule, providing it with ample weight and balance. But what truly makes this awl stand out is its needle tip, equipped with a permanently fixed diamond-shaped steel blade. This steel blade effortlessly pierces through leather without exerting any pressure, gliding through it as smoothly as a blade through butter.

Another thing to note is that the needle tip of this awl is uniform, with no taper. During use, the craftsman knows to avoid excessive force, as this awl has a strong lateral force when subjected to pressure. They understand that only moderate pressure is needed, and the awl will easily traverse the leather without the need for excessive force.

This ebony hardwood-handled sewing awl has always been my reliable companion as a leatherworker. It has not only helped me create countless exquisite leather products but has also witnessed my skillset grow.

4.Leather Round Head Knife

The story of this leather round head knife, like its cut, is filled with exquisite craftsmanship and endless possibilities. Its handle is made of hard, high-density ebony, which is solid and comfortable to hold. The blade is made of 04 steel and has an integrated keel design, which not only makes the overall line more beautiful, but also gives the blade extremely high hardness and corrosion resistance. Best of all, this knife is perfect for both left and right hands, making it easy to cut through any weight and thickness of leather without too much effort. I use it frequently for trimming, scraping, and cutting, which brings precision and beauty to every piece I make.

5.Edge Creaser

I saved the best for last, I absolutely love these leather edgers! If I had to rate my most used tools, these would definitely be number one on my list. What’s special about this edge press is its shape design, which perfectly fits the craftsman’s hand. Feel comfortable and stable every time you hold it.

The high-density ebony material and stability make this machine excellent in craft work. Not only that, but its groove length has also been enlarged, meaning each operation can go further, making it especially suitable for processing curves and arc edges.

The uniqueness of the circular grooves helps to make the edges more rounded and raised, adding exquisite detail to the work. To make this effect even better, you can use an alcohol lamp to heat the stainless steel head, which will give you better results.

These leather tools are in my top five that have been tried and tested over the years. While I could have listed at least ten (maybe even twenty, haha), I decided to keep this list short and precise! This is not intended to be an exhaustive list or even a complete beginner’s guide. These are just my favorite tools that I find myself using often. I've upgraded from a few beginner level tools to these over the years.

I share these tools because I think they are a huge improvement over other, more basic versions. If you are interested in starting to learn leather crafting, I highly recommend you consider these tools first.

Thank you for joining me on my journey today, as always, leather crafting makes life richer!

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