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320 600 1000 1500 Grinding Sandpaper Sheets Carbon Fiber Board Set Self Adhesive Sticky Sand Paper | WUTA

320 600 1000 1500 Grinding Sandpaper Sheets Carbon Fiber Board Set Self Adhesive Sticky Sand Paper | WUTA

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Product Specifications:

Name: Premium Adhesive Sandpaper & Carbon Fiber board set.
Material: Aluminum oxide abrasive + fiber paper base
Sandpaper Grits: #320 #600 #1000 #1500
Size: 115mm*30mm per sheet


-30 pcs 320# sandpaper
-30 pcs 600# sandpaper
-30 pcs 1000# sandpaper
-30 pcs 1500# sandpaper
-4 pc carbon fiber board


💎Carbon Fiber Polishing Plate: Carbon Fiber Reinforcement, Metal-level Strength, Plastic-like Lightweight.
💎Premium Adhesive Sandpaper: Made of Aluminum oxide abrasive material. The sand particles have high adhesion strength and excellent retention.
💎Multiple Grits: #320 #600 #1000 #1500 grits sandpaper have varied cutting forces, and different polishing precision.
💎Sandpaper Grit Labels: Provide sandpaper grit labels for easy marking and convenient selection of grits during use.
💎Easy to Clean: WUTA Sander Sheets can be quickly cleaned with a brush or repeatedly washed with water. Durable and long-lasting.
💎Easy Tear without Residue: The Sandpaper backed with adhesive, easy application and removal.
💎 Wide Applicability: Our self-adhesive sandpaper is highly suitable for leather polishing, leather tools, woodwork, furniture, metal, plastic, and more.

Cut-free adhesive sandpaper

Carbon Fiber Support | Metal-level Strength | Plastic-like Lightweight

How to choose sandpaper?

The smaller the mesh, the rougher the surface, suitable for grinding and peeling.
The larger the mesh, the smoother the surface, suitable for fine grinding and polishing.

#320, #600, #1000, #1500 grits

Various grits, different cutting forces, different grinding precision.

30 pcs sandpaper in one pack.

Carbon fiber board

Carbon fiber plate support, metal-grade strength, light as plastic.

Hard, Thin, Lightweight!

Gift--sandpaper grit labels

Easy marking of sandpaper grit

Easy Tear without Residue

The back of sandpaper with adhesive, easy Application & Removal on the carbon fiber board.

Sandpaper Grits Adhesion Strength

Easy grinding & debris shedding, strong durability.


Easy to Clean

Can be quickly cleaned with a gentle brush swipe.

Use for Dry & Wet

Can be repeatedly cleaned with water, long-lasting & durable.

Widened size improves grinding efficiency

Wider and easier to use than similar products in the industry.

Widely Applicable

Used for polishing leather, metal, plastic, wood, and more.


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