How To Make a Leather Strap - Bag Straps Making Tips

How To Make a Leather Strap - Bag Straps Making Tips

From time to time, I indulge in the charms of leather craftsmanship. Recently, however, I was presented with a special challenge: to create a one-of-a-kind leather shoulder strap for my beloved girlfriend. She is obsessed with all styles of bags, and I wanted to show my love and creativity by giving her a special gift, a distinctive shoulder strap handmade by me.

Shoulder straps are a handy and practical accessory that play an important role in both outdoor sports and everyday life. Making fanny pack straps requires some basic leather craft skills and materials.

1.Material Preparation

  • Vegetable Tanned Leather: general shoulder straps are about 1m5, that leather width must be greater than 1m5, shoulder strap leather selection, the best cow's back, you can choose different colors and textures of leather to meet your individual needs.
  • Cutting tools: including cutting scissors, scissors, ruler and so on
  • Hole punching tools: round hole puncher
  • Metal fittings: snaps button
  • Edge Creaser

2.Production steps:

Measuring And Cutting The Leather:Use a ruler to measure the length of the straps you need and mark the appropriate dimensions on the leather. Then use a pair of cutters or scissors to cut the leather to the appropriate shape and size along the marked lines.

Edge Creaserrounding the edge of your leather whilst also imparting a nice decorative line.

For more on leather edge treatments, check out my other article.(How Do You Get Nice Leather Edges — WUTA Leather)

Leather Edge Oil:Finishing your edges is what seals the deal on your project!barrier along your exposed seams and stop water from seeping in.

For more on Leather Edge painting, check out my other post!(How To Edge Paint Leather


Button Installation

Using our new Rivet Setter Base


Now that we've installed the hardware into the straps, everything is ready to go! If interested, you can also make adjustable shoulder straps and more, for a video of the build, you can check out our YouTube channel!









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