Why Choose Removable Leather Hole Punch?

Why Choose Removable Leather Hole Punch?

When I first tried making leather goods, I ran into a common but frustrating problem: traditional leather punches were difficult to clean. After using it for a period of time, I found that it was impossible to completely clean the dander and residue in the hole punch, which not only affected the work efficiency, but also affected the performance of the tool. So, I started looking for a solution to improve this problem.

After some research and experimentation, I decided to try my hand at designing a removable leather punch. My goal was clear: retain the functionality of a traditional hole punch while solving the problem of difficult cleaning. I started thinking about how to design a hole punch that could be easily removed and cleaned, and put a lot of time and effort into designing and testing it.

During this process, I encountered many challenges. I needed to ensure that the newly designed hole punch would still provide high precision punching while remaining easy to remove and clean. I prototyped and tested multiple times, constantly tweaking and improving the design.

Eventually, I succeeded in designing a removable leather punch. It is made of high-quality 4Cr13 steel, which has high hardness, high wear resistance, and is suitable for high-strength stamping. Best of all, its detachable design makes cleaning very simple, and you can thoroughly clean the hole punch in just a few steps, ensuring it looks like brand new every time you use it.

Suitable for some rugged leather goods, hand-sewn steering wheel cover punching, seams of large leather goods, hand-sewn sofa seat covers. Can also be used for flip stitching. The holes are not as big as French pricking iron, so there is almost no trace of the holes after turning the bag over.

Teeth are removable and replaceable:

It can be replaced to the same chisel teeth ,or change to the round hole punch teeth. This means that even after long-term use, if the tooth component is damaged, you do not need to replace the entire punch, just the tooth component, saving costs and extending the service life of the product.

Multifunctional mode:

Whether you choose gouge mode or hole punching mode, it can meet your different needs. In gouge mode, the leather holes will be smaller, making the sewing effect more delicate; while in punch mode, the leather holes will be larger, making it easier to sew. You are free to choose different modes according to your needs, adding more style and personality to your leather artwork.

Various models:

In order to meet the needs of different projects, removable circle leather hole punch is available in 6 models (3.0mm/3.38/3.85/4mm/5mm/6mm). Whether you're making a small, delicate piece or a large craft, you'll find the perfect standard to complete your patchwork projects.

Many leather goods craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts rave about it, praising its practicality and convenience. I'm very proud to be able to provide them with a great tool that makes their job easier and more enjoyable.

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