Guide to the Leather Working Tools: Beginner & Pro

Guide to the Leather Working Tools: Beginner & Pro

Every novice who is just getting started with handmade leather goods will always fall into a dilemma, that is, there are too many tools for making handmade leather goods, which tools to buy and how to use each tool are very headaches.

When I first came into contact with handmade leather goods, I also had the same confusion. I searched a lot of information on the Internet, but the information I found was either incomplete or not clear enough to solve my problem.

Therefore, based on my past experience, I have summarized some necessary tools for making handmade leather goods, hoping to help you solve this problem.

1.Leather knife

There are two types of leather knives: Japanese-style leather knives and European and American semi-circular leather knives. You can choose the one you like best.

However, because there are many brands of leather cutters and it is troublesome to sharpen them, if you are not sure which leather cutter to buy at the beginning, you can buy an WUTA Leather Skiving Knife replacement blade leather cutter first.  If you think it is troublesome to sharpen the knife, it will be more convenient to use this one. It is more suitable for beginners.


2.Cutting backing plate

The size of the cutting pad generally has four sizes: A4, A3, A2, and A1, and you can choose according to the size of your desktop. The cutting pad can protect the blade and the table when the leather knife is cutting.

3.Leather Chisel Hole Punch Tools

Pricking iron is divided into diamond pricking iron, French pricking iron and round pricking iron,common chopping distance of 3.0mm, 3.38mm and 4.0mm, through the chopping in the leather to punch the chopping hole for stitching.

4.Punching mat board

Perforated mat is the mat used in chopping. The perforated mat is thicker than the cutting mat, which can protect the chopping tip and effectively control the chopping depth to prevent the chopping hole from being too deep and too large.

5.Grinding Tools

Burnish Tools rod has a round rod and flat rod, according to their own feel to choose the round or flat, the material has rosewood, huanghuali, black walnut or ordinary wood can, sanding out the effect will be slightly different, the smoother the sanding rod sanding out the leather edge will be more delicate, the new sanding rod will become more smooth and lustrous after using a period of time.


The awl is for scribing. When making leather goods, you need to use the awl to scribe the line first, and then use the cutter to cut the leather material.

7.Hand sewing needle

WUTA hand sewing needle is a professional leather hand sewing needle, the needle tip is round to prevent sticking hands, and will not pierce the leather, hand sewing needle thickness is appropriate, the needle nose and needle body thickness is the same, will not lead to chopping hole expansion affect the stitch.


When sewing with sisal thread, to prevent the sisal thread from pilling, pass the wax before sewing to make the beeswax adhere to the surface of the sisal thread, and then run the thread through the sisal cloth repeatedly to make it fuse into the sisal thread. You can also rub the beeswax into the leather edge after the leather edge is polished and polish it with linen cloth to make the edge more beautiful and durable.

9.Wire cutter

Wire cutter is used to cut off the thread and other uses, good to use.

10.Craft Knife

In some inconvenient to use the skin cutter when you can use the hobby knife.

11.Gumming Board/Raw Rubber Eraser

Mainly used in the leather when scraping glue, bed surface, on the film has two sizes, large for use in a large area of the application, small for daily use, you can choose.

Natural Raw Rubber Eraser made of Sri Lanka import natural raw rubber,the particle size is smaller than the ordinary yellow raw rubber, the cleaning effect is better.

12.Nylon Hammers

Nylon hammer recommended 500g or more leather carving hammer, the weight is appropriate, and can be struck from all directions, will be more convenient and practical than ordinary hammers.

13.Steel ruler

Measure the width, draw a straight line are required to use.

14.Sharpening Strop Kit

Moltifunctional polishing board Double-sided strop is designed for beginners and professional carvers for honing and keeping knives and leathercarving tools razor sharp. Just strop the blade away from the cutting edge on both sides of the leather strop to maintain a razor sharp cutting edge.

15.Leather Edge Beveler

Leather Edge Beveller is used to trim the edge of the leather, so that the edge of the leather looks a good curvature, there are different models of edge trimmer, the more used is No. 1 and No. 2, No. 1 edge width is 0.6mm, suitable for about 1mm thickness of leather, No. 2 edge width is 1.0mm, 1-3mm thickness of leather applicable.

16.Wide Edge Beveler Tool

The wide edge beveler can be used with leather groover tool to segment the skin or to thin the entire skin surface.


17.Cutting thinning knife

A variety of styles, with flat head, slant round head and round head, etc., can be purchased according to their preferences, and can be thinned to various leather surfaces such as cowhide and sheepskin.

18.3 In 1 Leather Groover Tool 

The Main Part made of H62 brass, connected to high density ebony wood handle,3 size replaceable cutter head (1.0-1.5-2.0 mm) for different groover width.

19.Wing Divider

Can be used to plot curves, border lines, adjust patterns, space lacing holes and scribe circles, mark divisions.Ideal for scribing arcs, gauging and dividing lines.

20.Leather Thickness Gauge

Measurements are made on the thickness of the leather, and 10mm is generally sufficient.

21.Tokonole Leather Burnishing Gum

Apply to the back of the leather (flesh layer), in the semi-dry state can be used to sanding rod to push the grinding, can make the rough leather fibers smooth smooth.

22.Stitching Pony

Secure leather when lacing or stitching, holds the leather in place so you can work with both hands.

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